Calendar 2016

A 2016 calendar is available for purchase. Each month features a high-quality print of one of the artist's works, along with a memorable quotation from a noted artist, writer or philosopher.

Planet Stars

Planet Stars is a large format book which brings together a historical collection of graphic posters promoting some of the world's most famous hotels of the 20th century. Complementing these illustrations are the artist's original paintings depicting many of these same hotel properties or their surrounding areas, creating a lively conversation between historic commercial illustration and contemporary fine art.
Price $145


Catalog of an exhibition in the MAV museum, Ercolano, Italy
Dimensions 9 x 6,5 inches, 35 pages. Text is in both English and Italian
Shows a variety of landscape and abstracts, inspired mainly by the artist's exploration of the Amalfi Coast.
Price $15

Dolomite Landscapes

Dolomite Landscapes is a medium format book with the artist's color photos and paintings of the Dolomite mountains.
It has 165 pages and the text is in three languages; German, Italian and English.
The book contains the oficial UNESCO seal, signifying its official recognition by this prestigious United Nations cultural agency.
Price $55

Colors of the Soul

"Colors of the Soul" is a large format art book measuring 11,5 x 12 inches, with 216 pages containing numerous color reproductions of the artist's paintings.
The text is both in English and Italian, and is written by the prominent Italian art critic Angelo Calabrese.
The presentation of the artist's works explores her creative development from early childhood to the present day.
The book comes in a beautiful custom designed box.
Price $125.

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